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Technical SEO covers a wide range of activities including web server set-up, IP reputation, nameserver configuration, database optimisation through to site factors including internal link structures, URLs, site map, config files and much more.

The Importance of Technical SEO

The central purpose of technical SEO is to ensure that everything remains fully compatible with the quality guidelines set out by search engines. Many clients rely on their hosting providers and site builders for some of these elements, and my experience has been that knowledge is variable at best.

Although server config and site builds often form a large part of technical SEO, search engine updates, changing algorithms, shifting customer behaviours and changes to the direction of your business are all interlinked. Almost all clients can benefit from a technical audit to highlight any areas that require some refinement.

Many of these ‘hidden’ factors can have dramatic effects on your search performance. You may have a superbly constructed site with good on-page optimisation, but if your DNS configuration is incorrect or your IP address has a poor reputation, your efforts will be severely compromised. In today’s aggressive market, you can be fairly sure that your competitors will have checked their configurations.

What is a Google Penalty?

Google’s major focus for the organic search results is on delivering relevant, high-quality results to users. If it determines that one or more aspects of your website do not comply with its guidelines for quality, you will be given either an automatic (algorithmic) or a manual penalty. Many businesses have been affected, with some previously leading figures within a variety of markets vanishing completely from the search results pages they once dominated.

Algorithms, quality guidelines and penalties might sound intimidating or overwhelming. However, there is some good news. Google penalty removal is absolutely possible, and I am here to help you to correct any issues Google has identified with your website.

The Benefits of Technical SEO Audits

Successful technical SEO audits require both breadth and depth. I look at hundreds of individual elements, in addition to those already mentioned. These include including cannibalisation, pagination, speed optimisation, and canonicalisation. Conducting the technical audit itself, however, is only the first step. Acting upon the knowledge gained is the most crucial component of the entire auditing process.

Technical issues are not the most exciting element of SEO, but they can combine to make a huge difference to the success of your efforts. And, thankfully, I live and breathe this stuff.

Depending on the scale of your website, typical audits can take between 1 to 2 days.

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