Links still matter, but there are some strict rules to ensure that they help rather than hinder your efforts. Outreach is the most important component of any link building strategy. It is also the most demanding and complex.

Providing valuable content to relevant authoritative sites is important. Plus to cross over niches too. However, starting from cold and trying to contact and reach an agreement with potential websites is a very time-consuming process. I have been handling this for clients for many years and have long-established relationships with high-quality sites in most major industries.

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Importance of a Strong Link Profile

Although Google has drastically altered its algorithms and metrics, the consistent correlation between high-quality links and higher ranking positions throughout these periods of change cannot be ignored. Put simply, if you operate in a competitive marketplace, genuine links are as important as they ever were.

Link Building Strategies

Publishing and sharing content in the hopes of attracting links is simply not going to cut it in today’s digital environment. Even if you already have an engaged audience with demonstrable link sharing behaviour, this, in isolation, is not going to drive the results you require.

Understanding What Works

Outreach requires considerable focus and effort but is proven to drive results. Since long before the 2011 Panda algorithm update, Google had made it very clear that it does not reward coercive tactics or artificial approaches to link building. Quite the opposite as many have discovered to their cost.

The right placement sites with the right level of authority are vital, and the complexity doesn’t end there. Your link profile needs to be designed and carefully managed to ensure it is relevant and authentic. The content must be of the good quality with careful attention given to anchor text, the inclusion of authority links, and the inclusion of your own link.

So if you need links, just contact me and let me know what your full requirments are.

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My day rate is £350, a realistic budget for progressive SEO marketing or monthly link outreach is Four to Eight days a month, with some opting for more, if your niche is very competitive. If you are a local business and your local area is your main target then a two day budget can be workable.
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