Keyword research is the first and most important stage in any digital marketing strategy and should be re-visited regularly. It determines the success of both organic and paid search strategies. Any SEO Expert will tell you the same.

Identifying the right keywords will form a strategy, that will improve all of your key metrics including engagement, reach, targeted traffic and conversions.

Best Keywords for your Business

It is important to focus on terms which closely align with your business, but which are ‘winnable’ and have a buying intent.

If you want to out-perform your closest competitors, your target keywords will need to be wisely chosen.

Once identified, they will aid any onsite or offsite optimisation; blog posts, social copy, your URL architecture and your meta tags.


Competitors Keyword Research

I have been providing keyword research for clients for many years. It requires in-depth understanding of relevance and the use of various specialist data sources which provide information about the competition for a given search term. One of the major driving factors is your current site trust & authority. Clients with a strong existing presence can target terms with a higher level of competition.

Clients with new sites or trust & lower authority will need to start by targeting ‘longtail’ keywords (more words in the search term, usually with lower competition) which should ideally contain the shorter search terms (‘core’ terms) for which you aim to rank in the future. Depending on your business model, I will also analyse search intent, focusing on searches from those who are at the relevant point in the buying cycle.

Since your competition is unlikely to stand still, I look at competitor keyword strategies to identify any obvious holes and, therefore, quick wins for you.

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My day rate is £350, a realistic budget for progressive SEO marketing or monthly link outreach is Four to Eight days a month, with some opting for more, if your niche is very competitive. If you are a local business and your local area is your main target then a two day budget can be workable.
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