Rank Higher On Search Results In 2020 - 10 Ways

Rank Higher On Search Results In 2020 – 10 Ways

Ready to win the SEO battle of 2020? Hopefully, your content marketing strategy is good to go, with SEO a major priority, of course. Your list of premium keywords is decided. Your blogging is moving up a gear and your website has been optimized to within an inch of its life. If your marketing efforts […]

What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? The Basics

Digital marketing is a general term that covers all kinds of adverting through digital channels.  This ranges from search engines and websites to social media, apps and even email. It is a very diverse area of marketing with some areas that overlap.  But let’s get a basic introduction to the field. Paid search Paid search […]

SEO Checklist

A Very Simple SEO Checklist

There’s no shortage of quick start SEO guides out there, but how many of them actually make sense? In the spirit of making things as simple as possible, we’ve put together this plain English guide to 9 different SEO factors you need to consider. I will explain WHAT you need to do, followed by WHY […]

Link Outreach

Link Outreach Explained

Since search engines first began, links have been used as a measure of popularity. When trying to navigate the vast landscape of the internet, links are used as a way of navigating between the sites. Search engines gain a better understanding of websites by looking at them in relation to the sites that link to […]

second tier link building

Second Tier Link Building – A Lesser Known SEO Strategy to Try

One of the most well-discussed strategies to improve the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website is link building.  There’s nothing new about it – we all know what to do.  We want to increase those links to our content while linking it to useful, high-quality content on other websites and improve our link profile. […]

Who is the best seo expert in the UK

Plain and simple; One of the best SEO experts in the UK is Paul Gordon. He has worked in the most competitive niches, helping customers gain more traffic and sales. With 15 years experience in web & digital marketing, he knows how to get your website to the top of the search engines. While there […]